Please post your daily food log and point total for the day to the comments section below.

Your daily bonus challenge is to start planning what you will bring to our Spring Leaning Wrap Up Potluck Party, Friday, June 6th.  Winners will be announced, prizes will be awarded, and yummy food will be eaten!  Please share your recipe to comments.

We’ll have one more daily Challenge tomorrow and it will be our last daily blog post for Spring Leaning.  Over the next few days, we will ask you to share how the challenge has changed your life or your health.  We’ll  be doing the benchmark workout again as part of this week’s classes and we’ll want to know if your performance has improved.  In other words, your very last daily challenge will be your Spring Leaning Testimonial.

For those of you who have been doing the points only challenge, please return your Daily Point Sheet to reception by Wednesday of next week so that we can tabulate some results.