Please post your daily food log and point total for Thursday May 1st  to the comments section below.

This week’s theme is supplementation and sports nutrition.
Your daily bonus challenge is to take a good hard look at your digestion and decide whether you might benefit from a digestive aid.  This is a great primer from Chris Kresser on paleo and digestion.

Some supplements that can help with digestion are:

BetaineHCl – Poliquin on HCl (not appropriate if you have ulcers or suspect you might have ulcers)

Digestive enzymes – Whole9 on Digestive enzymes

Apple Cider Vinegar also promotes HCl and enzyme production – Discovery Health on Apple Cider Vinegar 

Probiotic supplement  (or simply add fermented foods to your diet) – Whole9 on probiotics

Grain-free soluble fiber supplements – Chris Kresser on fiber (careful if you have digestive issues such as Chrone’s or IBS or colitis, in this case you want to avoid excessive insoluble fibre)