New at CFW this week:

* Congrats to the CFW teams who competed in the Great Grain Relay, 2nd place in the Ladies Corporate Category and 2nd place in the Co Ed Corporate Category.  Not bad for CrossFitters!

* Check out our plan for the CrossFit Games Open

* We have a new Yoga instructor and would like to add an evening yoga class at 8PM.

Programming Preview for this week:

Monday: Oly Skill work + metcon

Tuesday: Mostly Upper Body Strength (horizontal push & pull) + metcon

Wednesday: Conditioning, Core & Mobility

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body Strength (squat focus) + metcon

Friday: Mostly Upper Body Strength (vertical push & pull) + metcon, Open Workout 14.1 in evening, Prep class at 5PM.

Saturday: Mostly Lower Body Strength (deadlift focus) + metcon

Sunday: Funday, Make Up, Skills, or Benchmark, Open 14.1 before barbell club.

Competition Team: Suggest resting on Monday and Thursday, double day on Tuesday, and perhaps on Sunday, but not on Saturday. Meet on Thursday evening to to review 14.1 together.

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE to see the details of this week’s programming.