With the CrossFit Games Open upon us in just over a week, let’s talk a bit about what’s it’s all about, and our plan for the next month and a half.

What is the Open and who should participate?

The Open is essentially that, an open competition allowing men and women from all over the world to compete in the sport of fitness. The Open is comprised of 5 different workouts done over the course of 5 weeks, from February 27th to March 31st, 2014.  Each week a new workout will be announced on Thursday evening and athletes will have until Monday afternoon to complete the workout and submit their scores online.  Workouts be judged/counted by another member and scores will be tabulated and each week the top 3 females and top 3 males of each team will have their scores counted for the team.  Our hope is that as a team, we can make to Vancouver for the Regional championships, but we will stop at nothing to have fun during the process!  🙂

This is the beauty of the Open, it is a team effort and CFW needs you!  The Open isn’t just for competitive athletes, it is for anyone who wants to be part of something bigger, anyone who wants to contribute to our little community. CrossFit Winnipeg wants to see you live to 100, and as such we are approaching The Open as a community event.  Our hope is that the Open serves as a rallying cry, and a means to strengthen our community.  The Open is not about beating anyone else, it is simply about being better than yesterday and helping your fellow team mates do the same. If you are feeling stressed out by this, take a step back and remember why you started – it’s fun!  And that’s what the Open is all about.  That being said, your coaches will be here for you, to help you warm-up, strategize and modify the workouts as needed.

What do I need to do if I want to compete?

You must register by Feb. 27th and select CrossFit Winnipeg as your affiliate and your team. We will not be doing the Open workouts in regular class, instead we will have set time slots set up specifically for those who registered for the Open.  Once you are registered, you will need to decide when you want to do the workouts.

CFW will be doing the Open workouts on Friday evenings from 6PM to 8PM, Sunday at 11AM before Barbell Club and if we have enough athletes registered we will also add a Saturday morning slot at 9 or 10AM.  For each time slot, there will be a sign up sheet for heats and anyone doing the workout will be expected to help judge other athletes as well. Once you have completed your workout, you will sign off on your score and submit it online.  Then one of our staff will validate this score online for it to show up on the leaderboard and count toward the CFW score.

We encourage you to read the rulebook. It is long, but it is important. If you don’t, our staff will assist you – but pay particular attention to the requirements noted below. When the competition starts, make sure you complete all workouts and register your score before the deadline. If you miss the submission deadline, we cannot help you in any way. Submit your scores on time!

If you are on the competition team and hope to go to Vancouver for Regionals, as an individual or as part of the CFW team, please register for the Online Judges Course.  Although CFW will be asking for volunteers and we will do our best to keep things running as smoothly as possible, our staff will be focused on running a safe and fun community event so we cannot guarantee that we will have enough registered qualified judges.  This means that if you want to go to Regionals, ALL requirements pertaining to having a registered judge and capturing your workout on film will be your responsibility.  We recommend that all competition team athletes do the course and team up with a partner to ensure you can have a registered judge and a videographer.

What can CFW do for our Open competitors?

CFW will be hosting the Open Workouts Friday nights from 6PM to 8PM and Sunday between 11AM and 1PM, and if we have enough athletes, we may also add a Saturday morning time slot. For each of these, the first 30-45 minutes will be allotted to one of our coaches, who will explain the workout, then take you through workout and movement preparation class.  This will include hammering movement standards, tips and tricks for efficiency, then we will do some breath and visualization work, then some movement prep, dynamic range of motion work, to prepare you for the workout.

The coach on hand  will also be able to modify the workout as needed.  For example, if you don’t yet have pull-ups, we’ll get you on a band, but the reps will not be included in your score.  If you register but cannot complete a movement or move the weight with proper technique during the Open, we will scale the workout for you so you can participate. The goal will be to get as many legitimate reps as possible before ending the scored portion of the workout and scaling things so you can have fun.

We realize that some of our members may need some accommodation at other times, and in this case, you will be responsible for finding a staff member who can judge you.  However, CFW can certainly provide the space and equipment during off hours or in the back room, so that regular classes are not disrupted.

You will soon see Open Slots on the class schedule, and registered competitors will be able to sign in for them. Only the 6PM and 7PM class on Friday will be cancelled and Sunday Barbell Club will be moved to 1PM or immediately after the Open workouts are completed, and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you are not competing, we would love for you to come out and watch and cheer.

Please note that we will have staff on hand to review standards and help with the workouts, however, CFW cannot guarantee that we will have enough qualified volunteers to to judge and to capture all workouts on video.  This means that Regional hopeful athletes wanting to have their scores judged by a registered judge and captured on video, will be responsible for finding a buddy to do this for them.

Of course, the Open wouldn’t be complete without a Party!  So we’ll set a date for our Wind Up party, with food and drinks and lots of prizes for our athletes.  Plus, we are looking into having a theme for each week of the Open, stay tuned for more on that…

Anything else I need to know?

1. All athletes should read this document outlining the Games drug-testing policy and must agree to follow the CrossFit Games drug policy. Please take a look at all of your supplements as many over-the-counter products can actually contain banned substances. You are responsible for what’s in your body, so please check your supplements carefully. Read the labels!

2. This applies to almost no one, but if you do not spend the majority of your weekly training days at our gym, you can be part of our affiliate but not our registered team. This is a CrossFit Games rule for team competition. It does not in any way limit your contribution to our community, and we value your presence and participation. The only thing that changes is that your scores will not count toward the CrossFit Winnipeg team score. You will still be ranked on the leaderboard, and we still love you.

3. Judges: we are looking for registered judges to judge top athletes who may qualify for Regionals. The role of the judge is to ensure the integrity of the competition, and we will hold our athletes to the highest standards.The judging course is a great way to learn more about movement standards as an athlete or a judge, so we encourage you to take it. It’s cheap and takes about an hour of your time, and you can save your progress and come back to it if you need to. If you take the course, please notify us and send us a copy of your certificate. If you’re willing, and if you have additional experience, we might use you to judge athletes who may advance to the Regional round. If you want to volunteer judging without taking the course, that’s fine, but you will not be assigned to potential Regional athletes. Either way, be prepared to take reps away from your friends. For the duration of that workout, you are a completely impartial judge of movement. If you are interested in judging, please send us an email and let us know.

4. If you decide or have to perform workouts at other gyms, you are responsible for submitting your scores and making sure they are validated by that affiliate. Most affiliates are quite accommodating, but in some cases, some affiliates may not actually be able to validate scores if certain requirements are not met. Ask them ahead of time. We cannot help you in any way if you miss the submission deadline or are not judged properly.

6. Potential Regional competitors and Masters competitors: there are judging and filming requirements this year, and if you perform the workouts at CrossFit Winnipeg, you will be responsible for making sure that you have someone to capture your workout on video, though we will do everything we can to have registered judges on hand for your workout. If you perform the workouts somewhere else, you are also responsible for making sure you have a registered judge and that your workout is filmed properly. You must secure the footage after the workout and save it.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you for representing CrossFit Winnipeg!