**UPDATE – DECEMBER 10, 2013***

Public Registration opens today with a staggered start time!

Mens Team Registration – 11:00 AM

Ladies Team Registration – 12:00 PM

Ladies RX Registration – 1:00PM

Mens RX Registration – 2:00PM

Looking forward to seeing you all compete!


Here is the link you will need: https://crossfitwinnipeg.sites.zenplanner.com/sign-up-now.cfm


**UPDATE – DECEMBER 5, 2013***

Public registration for FrostFit 2014 opens Tuesday December 10, 2013! Registration times for  categories will be staggered so keep an eye on this blog for more information and category registration times.


**UPDATE – DECEMBER 3, 2013***

Registration is now open for CFW members! Click the following link to register:

Registration Link: FrostFit 2014 Registration Page

Or register here: FrostFit Calendar

If you are  competing as a team you will need a team name, team captain, and the name of both team members. The person registering will have to pay the entire registration fee up front and collect from their partner.

If you are on the CFW Competition Team consider please strongly consider competing at the Individual Rx level.

Spaces are limited so sign up as soon as possible!


**UPDATE – NOVEMBER 29, 2013***

Cost for registration – 2 Day Event

Team – $250.00 ($125 per individual though you will need one team captain to register for the team)

Individual – $125.00

Frost Fit 2014 Registration opens December 3rd, 2013,  for CFW Members only!

In an effort to have fair representation of various affiliates, we will be contacting affiliates who participated in past FrostFit events to offer up some spots for your athletes over the next week or so.  Any remaining spots will then be opened for public registration the second week of December.

This year FrostFit will be a two day event featuring four categories:

  • Mens  Individual Rx
  • Ladies Individual Rx
  • Mens two member Team Scaled
  • Ladies two member Team Non-Rx Scaled

For teams, a good strategy would be to have varied skills amongst your team members.  It’s recommended but not necessary that your team has at least one member with some competency in intermediate/advanced skills. Should more advanced movements like pullups and dips and heavy lifts be programmed, your team will not be eliminated if no one can perform the movements, though you will take a poorer score.

Individual Rx athletes should be competent in all CrossFit movements and should be able to complete most standard CrossFit workouts as prescribed, though you will not be disqualified if you cannot complete a movement, you will simply be scored lower on that event. To give you a frame of reference, athletes should be able to complete the following workouts as RX’d (Individual):

Fran (95/65 lb.) around 6 minutes

Helen (55/35 lb.) around 12 minutes

Grace (135/95 lb.) around 7 minutes

Please keep in mind events will be judged so competitors will need an understanding of, and the capability to perform, all movement standards as bad or partial reps will not count.

Please keep an eye out on this post as more details will be released daily!