Hey everybody! as you are all aware from our posting here by coach Quinn, that Synergy Strength is holding a 3 day competition in Saskatoon September 6-8th called the Bridge City Beat Down!

We are trying to gather a list of people who are thinking or already planning to attend this event whether you be a competitor or spectator. We have been asked by other members whether we could see if we can organize a bus to take us all out there. Remember that we would probably have to leave a day before (the 5th) and either  leave the day after the competition (9th) or the 8th after the last event?

I am asking for those of you who are thinking of competing or spectating to PLEASE send me (Tiffanie) an email at info@crossfitwinnipeg.com . In this email I would like to know if you would be interested in going with a bus and whether you are thinking about/wanting to compete or just to spectate!