Hi everyone,

Focus Fitness is hosting the 1st Annual Muscle Hustle on May 25th for the Believe in the Goal foundation. For those of you that are not familiar with Believe in the Goal here is a brief overview:

On the ice, Todd Davison played the game of hockey with a big heart, tremendous speed and selfless spirit, never letting bigger players run him down. A talented and gifted player with expectations of playing in the NHL, Todd’s dream was shattered just days after his graduation in June, 2004 from St. Paul’s High School. A biopsy performed on his left shoulder abruptly introduced him to his newest adversary –Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that attacked the tissues surrounding his joint.

Todd called the cancer in his shoulder “the biggest challenge he ever faced.” Today, his many friends, family and legion of supporters in Manitoba’s vibrant hockey community carry on his legacy through the spirit of “Believe.” Todd’s goal was to help bring an element of hope and joy into the lives of all those affected by the disease that eventually took his life. Through NHL Experience getaways, Believe Blankets, and a Capital Fund dedicated to special projects to enhance patient care, TD 34’s passion and dream lives on in the hearts and minds of Believe supporters and volunteers everywhere.

The Muscle Hustle consists of A max rep bench press (the Muscle) and a grueling one mile run in sand so deep you will not be able to see the tops of your shoes (the Hustle). For those who would prefer to just test their running stamina in the deep sand there will be a runner’s only category.

The event will take place at Assiniboia downs and the cost of the event is a measly $25!

Please come out to support an amazing foundation in honour of an amazing person, for those of you that are interested, please visit:


Registration can be done online, by phone or in person at Focus Fitness.