Please post your daily food log and point total for the day to the comments section below.  You have until 5PM on Monday, April 29th to log Sunday’s food and points in the comments section below.

If you haven’t downloaded your scorecard/checklist yet, click HERE to download it.  Both All In and Get On Track participants will need to hand this in at the end of the challenge.

Example of how to log your foods and points (this is actually what I ate yesterday, didn’t have much time to eat!)

2 cups tea with whipping cream, 1 piece dark chocolate (yes, chocolate for breakfast!)

3 slices pastured ham, 1 nut & fruit bar, 1 cup tea

Large Safeway Chef Salad with dressing (gross!), water

2 pastured pork chops with rosemary, brussel sprouts cooked in butter, water

1 piece of dark chocolate, water

Processed: 0

Grains: 1

Sugar: 0

Bad fat: 0

Legumes: 1

Dairy: 0

Alcohol: 0

Water: 1

Sleep: 1

Workout: 0

Bonus Challenge: 0

Total: 4 Points  (it’s ok I’m officially starting tomorrow!)


For our first week, we will focus on getting in the right mindset for the challenge to come.

Your daily bonus challenge for Sunday, April 28th is to set a SMART goal for the challenge. When logging your food and points for Sunday, please include a short note about your goal.  We encourage you to set a goal that is related to performance (i.e. get a pull-up, get 30 more reps in ‘Cindy’) or physical goal (body fat percentage or measurements, or perhaps a goal outfit) rather than setting a weight loss goal.

We’ll be posting the seminar video, along with the CFW Meal Plan over the next couple of days.  Due to overwhelming response for the All In Challenge we are adding in some measurement times on Monday.  Please see the reception desk for details.  It’s not too late if you want to get measured!