As many of you have seen in the gym, we have a poster near the entrance about an event coming to Winnipeg this summer called Mud Hero. We are getting a team together from CrossFit Winnipeg to come out July 27,2013 to participate in the 6 kilometre, 16 obstacle, mud course that will be held in Grand Beach! The course looks… well obviously muddy but one filled with some laughs.  The day does not stop after completing the course as Mud Hero will host a BBQ with bevies, live music and more!

A portion of the proceeds from mud hero go on to support local cancer charities around Canada, and as so CancerCare Manitoba Foundation is apart of this.

I have been in contact with the people organizing the event and have been given till May 19th, 2013 for our members to register as a group.

To sign up, you must register individually with the same wave start time, same team name and use the discount code. Please sign up for the 11am heat time and use the team name CrossFit Winnipeg.  For the discount code, please contact myself by email if you are interested and wanting to join the team and I will copy it for you.

If anyone wants to look into the event some more you can check out the website

I am sure this will be one awesome day out at Grand Beach, so if you are not attending the games (as this is the same weekend), please come out and build some memories with CrossFit Winnipeg!

P.s. If you register, please make a comment below, email me, or let me (Tiffanie) know at the desk. I will need numbers for some CFW gear! Thanks!