In this week’s update:

– Easter Hours

– New Student membership

– Open Wrap-Up Party

– April schedule changes:  6PM mobility, Advanced class is back, Mommy & Me now 3 times per week, Masters Class cancelled until further notice, 8PM classes on Mondays and Wednesdays (forgot to mention this in the video)

– Jonas paleo recipe compilation

– Anticipation of a tough workout is often worse than the workout itself.  On that note, here’s an article I wrote for the Free Press about the subject, republished on our blog here.


Programming Preview for this week:

Tuesday: Upper Body strength (Press) + metcon

Wednesday: Conditioning & Core

Thursday: Open 13.4

Friday: Team workout at 10AM

Saturday: Lower Body strength (Deadlift) + met con

Sunday: Easter Sunday – CLOSED

Monday: Lower Body Strength (Front Squat) + met con

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE to see the details of the upcoming week’s workouts.