Event #4 will included the top 16 athletes in each division.  This event is comprised of a single movement, the burpee.  The rest of the event details will be released on Saturday, including the rep & timing scheme.

Each station will be comprised of a line drawn on the floor, with a 45lb plate placed on the floor directly behind the line. The athlete will start from standing with both feet on their plate. The athlete will jump or step off the plate and drop to the ground behind the line. The athlete will pick their hands up off the floor, as if to do a hand-release pushup, except instead they will reach forward and touch the plate with both hands. The athlete will then bring their hands back to the floor behind the line and pop up off the ground and jump or step onto the plate. At the bottom of the burpee, the athlete’s chest must touch the ground and the athlete’s hands may not touch the ground in front of the line beside the plate.