We are less than two weeks away from the third annual FrostFit Games.  Here’s what to expect:

  • All competitors will compete in at least 3 events.
  • The finalists in the Men’s and Women’s Rx divisions may compete in up to 5 events.
  • Registration will be at 8:00AM and the first event will start at 9:00AM.  We hope to have the last event finished by 6:30PM so that we can bring out dinner as we award prizes to the winners at that time.
  • We will have a DJ on site as well as food and drinks for any athletes, volunteers and spectators who wish to stick around and party.  We will stay open and keep the music going as long as anyone still wants to hang out.   There are 6 showers on site for athletes who wish to shower and change.
  • We will start announcing the events on our blog on Wednesday, January 16th, along with movement standards.  We will also announce the scoring system before the event.
  • Deadline for registration changes is Friday, January 11th, as we would like to release the heat schedule along with some event hints on Monday, January 14th.  If there are any drop outs or changes after this, we cannot guarantee that we can make any changes to the heat schedule or find replacement competitors, though we will do our best.