After a high intensity week last week, we are transitioning back into a bit more ‘prehab’ work later this week and into next week.  This will mean a lot of different movements per workout, so we ask members cooperation and 100% focus during your workouts so that we can complete all the workouts within the time we have allotted for your workouts.

We apologize for the inconvenience cause by the Mobility Certification this upcoming weekend.  Regular classes will be cancelled except for Yoga and we will be having a team workout on both days.  We’ve also decided to program and post the Team WODs in advance so that you can get a better idea of what to expect and so that we can make sure that the training will work with the programming for the rest of the week.

Monday – Thanksgiving Team workout at 9AM!  This will be a fun one, with an opportunity for all athletes test their Olympic lifts.

Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Focus and some sprints.

Wednesday – Conditioning focus.  Lots of fun kettlebell work.

Thursday – Lower Body Strength Focus with a timed WOD.

Friday – Gymnastics and upper body strength focus.

Saturday – Team Workout at 8AM.  Strength Focus.

Sunday – Team Workout at 8AM. Conditioning Focus but with a twist.  This WOD was inspired by one of the 2012 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Workouts.

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE if would like to see the detailed workouts for this week.