This week we start a new training cycle. The next few weeks we’ll be doing a lot of “prehab” or structural balance work, including some unilateral (single arm and single leg) movements, as well as  building on our conditioning base for longer sustained efforts.  Over the next while, we’ll see more volume overall and a lot of variety of different exercises.  As we start implementing our competitive program with some advanced classes, we know that our athletes will need to plan out their training in advance and we are considering the idea of posting the entire week’s worth of workouts on Sundays.  We would also like some feedback on the following:

What are the best days/times to have our advanced classes?

What skills or movements do you feel  you most need to work on?

Should we post workouts a week in advance?

Please post feedback to comments. 

In any case, here’s what’s on deck for this week.
Monday: Full Body (bench press priority)
Tuesday: Full Body (squat priority)
Wednesday: Skills + conditioning
Thursday: Full Body (clean priority)
Friday: Skills + conditioning
Saturday Full Body (pullup priority)
Sunday: Benchmark