This week we continue building a base of strength and conditioning.  We still have a lot of structural balance and skill and assistance work but we are just easing into our big lifts and some of the skills you’ve been asking for, including deadlifts,squats, pullups and handstand work.

A few quick notes for those of you who want to focus on strength.  Your best days to come in are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, however, Wednesday is Oly this week so you can benefit from coming in on that day instead of Tuesday or Thursday if you prefer.  Second, if you want to put on some muscle mass and really get stronger, you can consider doing the Health version of the workout.  The way the metcons are adjusted for the Health version of the WOD usually means less reps at a heavier weight as well as a focus on short sprints with more rest, both of which tend to work well if you want to get stronger.

Monday: Full Body Strength, pullup & squat focus
Tuesday: Full Body Strength, deadlift focus
Wednesday: Oly + Conditioning
Thursday: Full Body Strength pullup focus
Friday: Skills & Conditioning, gymnastics focus
Saturday: Full Body Strength, squat focus
Sunday: Benchmark Day