As our membership grows, we want to continue to provide a clean and organized facility, and to make sure that classes run smoothly.  We’ve revamped our House Rules to reflect the needs of the group. These will be posted at the gym and enforced with burpees as needed.

House Rules

1. Be On Time
CrossFit incorporates many technical movements, so it’s important that you’re on time to participate in the warm-up to ensure your body is ready for the Workout of the Day.  Be mindful that one late athlete can delay the entire class, throw off the coach, and ruin the experience for other athletes.  Any athlete arriving more than 5 minutes late may not be allowed to join the class.

2. Sign-Up for Class & Cancel if you can’t make it       
Registering online for class guarantees your spot in the class.   It allows the coach to see your history and injuries and to prepare their class based on who is attending.  We cap our classes so that each athlete can get the attention they deserve.  If a class is full, non-registered athletes will not get a spot in the class, as this is not fair to the other athletes in the class.  If you cannot attend a class, make sure you cancel your reservation online or call us so that we can open up the spot for other athletes. If you do not use a computer advise the reception staff and they will reserve your classes for you.

3. Let Coaches Coach     
We love our team environment and community atmosphere where members’ look out for each other. While support is great, giving technical advice and coaching is not. We have experienced coaches who know what they are talking about and it’s their job to inform, instruct and coach technique.  Only the coaches write on the leaderboard. If you want to get on a leader board, you MUST have a coach validate your score.  If no one saw it, it didn’t happen.

4. Be Coachable 
Many people enter the gym with predisposed ideas of what weights they should be lifting or try to match somebody else. Our aim is to ensure you’re perfecting the movement first, and then increase the intensity. We ask all members to respect our judgment.  We are not trying to hold you back, we just want you to progress in the most safe and efficient way.  Perfect the movement first, then intensity.  Follow progression guidelines and benchmarks, which are meant to prevent injuries and overtraining.  Listen to coach’s instructions, don’t talk when coach is instructing.

5. Respect the gym   
CrossFit Winnipeg is your gym, please treat it as such. Put equipment back where it belongs after use, including weights, boxes and mats. Hang bands and ropes on the designated hooks. Wipe down mats.  Pick up your used tape, pens, notebooks, scrap papers, chalk, band-aids, water bottles, food and sweaty clothes.  Do not bring any personal belongings in the main gym area.

6. Respect the equipment
Respect your equipment. Drop as a last resort. Dropping weight is not a convenience.  Bumpers are designed for emergency dropping. If you are dropping every other rep of Fran you probably are using too much weight. Control the load, don’t let the load control you.  NEVER drop an empty barbell or a barbell with single 10lb plates. Do not drop kettlebells or dumbbells except as a last resort.

7. Learn How to Count  
No one cares what your score was.  Everyone cares if you cheated. Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself.  You know what full range of motion is, so there’s no excuse for consecutive poor reps.   If you lose count, start from your last remembered rep.  If you know you have trouble keeping count, tally it in your journal, not on the floor with chalk.

 8. Be Part of the Team   
Our fitness program is built around creating a community, where athletes participate in our programs, where they have the benefit of support, coaching, camaraderie and friendly competition.  If you have specific goals, are training for a certain event or competition, or require a rehabilitation work, we can adjust the group workouts accordingly, or design a program for you, just contact Tania to set up an appointment.  The On Ramp room is perfect for doing additional skills or rehab work we have assigned to you.   If you would like to make up a WOD you missed or try out a different WOD for fun, please do so during Open Gym. 

9. Welcome New Members
We can all remember our first experience with CrossFit, especially our first time with a large group.  It can be intimidating if you’re fresh from On Ramp and don’t know anyone.  Make new members feel welcome.  Remember, we’re not just a gym – we’re a community! Extend your hand in friendship and introduce yourself to every new face in your training group.

10. Report Injuries    
Everyone gets a minor injury at some point, so if you do have an injury we want to know about it, however minor it may seem.  If you are injured during class, fill out an incident report with the coach.  Tell the coach about any other injuries so that we can help design a specific rehab program, or refer you to a relevant health professional. It also allows us to adjust your session so that we’re not putting additional strain on your injury.  If your injury requires time off training, immediately send an email to If you do have an injury, check the website for the WOD to make sure that you can accomplish most of the movements.

11.  Child Safety  
Children are not allowed unsupervised in the workout area and on equipment during adult classes.

12. Be Positive      
The workout is the workout and we will do our best to modify accordingly.  Whining, about the workout, or about your performance, is not acceptable.  Embrace the challenge with a smile.  What you feel, what you think, what you say will manifest in your workout and the workout of your fellow athletes.  You choose your attitude and it is contagious, so choose it well.

13. Take ownership of your Fitness    
We only control 1 hour of your day.  What are you doing with the other 23 hours?  It’s not enough to just show up.  You need to eat, sleep and recover properly!  We can’t get inside your body to see how you’re feeling and how you’re recovering.  Don’t complain that you haven’t reached your goal if you haven’t made that goal a priority, both inside and outside of the gym.  Make the commitment and we’ll give you the tools so that you can take ownership of your health.