This week we start a brand new programming cycle, with a focus on structural balance and strength leading into more conditioning as we get to the end of the cycle. There will still be “metcon” workouts with the strength on most days but we will prioritize the strength and slowly build up volume for running as spring arrives. We are also looking into building a few different “streams” of programming, i.e. General Fitness vs. Competitive Performance. Stay tuned for updates on this as we get closer to the Spring Fling in Regina and the Bridge City Beatdown in Saskatoon.

Monday: a bit of everything, as you saw today
Tuesday: Upper Body Strength
Wednesday: Lower Body Strength
Thursday: Conditioning
Friday: full body strength & conditioning
Saturday: Oly/Skills
Sunday: Upper Body Strength

We still recommend that our competitive Unlimited athletes take Monday and Friday off and train on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. However, if these days don’t work for you, just pick your schedule and stick to it. We are on a rotating schedule and you will eventually hit all body parts and energy systems if you attend regularly. If you want a strength bias this week, make sure you come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.