This week is a back off week, after all our hard work for FrostFit and the Open, it’s time to give your body some well deserved active rest.  This week’s workout are not necessarily as high intensity or high volume as usual, unless otherwise noted.  We’ll also be doing more mobility than usual in the regular classes this week.  It’s just one week, so bare with us and trust us, you need this every once in a while.  This week, focus on form, alignment and really try to notice how your body feels.  Try to notice which muscle feel tight or tense and notice which movements aggravate it or help it.  Take special note of your energy levels and work on cleaning up your nutrition.

Next week we start a new phase in the programming, starting with some “prehab” structural balance strength focus and then we’ll slowly reintroduce more conditioning and gradually add in some running throughout the spring.

Here’s the current plan for this week, although things may change a bit as we go, because it’s a back off week.

Monday: Full Body
Tuesday: Lower Body pulling & Upper body pushing
Wednesday: Conditioning
Thursday: Skills
Friday: Full Body
Saturday: Lower Body Pushing & Upper Body Pulling
Sunday: Oly

As we prepare for the next phase of the program, please post to comments any goals you may have or weaknesses you would like to address and we’ll try to work it into the program.