Sorry we’re a little late posting the programming for this week.  I’m sure you’ve noticed we’ve been doing the FrostFit wods this week, but here’s what’s in store for the rest of the week and the coming weeks.  Our next major competitive event is the CrossFit Open, which will run for 5 weeks starting Feb 22nd.  We will do about a week and a half of working on some strength and energy system training, along with a bit of “prehab” work, with some lower body days and some upper body days and some skills and conditioning days.  Then we’ll be switching it up a bit for the Open, with a regular schedule each week allowing everyone to try out the Open workouts and the competitors to keep their game up for the entire 5 weeks.  This will be a programming challenge but we’re up for it.  More on that soon…

Thursday: Conditioning

Friday: Upper Body Strength + Metcon

Saturday: Lower Body Strength

Sunday: Oly + Metcon