FrostFit is going to be here before you know it, and  few weeks later the CrossFit Games Sectional Open Competition.  So this week we have 2 doubles for the competitors, one on Wednesday Thursday and one on Sunday (2PM Advanced Class).  Competitors of all levels are welcome to do the doubles, we now have a lot more space in the back room so you can do your double in there without disrupting the classes.  As we get closer to FrostFit we will taper off the volume a bit the week before FrostFit.  However, we will give training variations for those who are not competing in FrostFit but who are competing in Sectionals. Another warning: this is going to be another rough week on the legs and shoulders so please remember that safety and health are a priority, if you need to take an extra rest day or switch your schedule around, go for it.

Monday – Conditioning
Tuesday – Lower Body Strength + Metcon
Wednesday – Gymnastics/Skils + Metcon
Thursday – Upper Body Strength + Metcon
Friday – Conditioning, Rest Day for Beasts
Saturday – Oly
Sunday – Lower Body Strength + Metcon